A Plant Based Standard certification shows that annual audits are performed on site by third party auditors from qualified certification bodies.

During these audits the manufacturing process, ingredients, food additives and other process aids are controlled. Even the product handling is carefully reviewed to ensure that content of animal origin or contamination of animal products do not occur.

The concept of vegan or plant-based is not regulated or defined by a law, and anyone is free to use these terms without any kind of control or verification.

So, without guidelines, it is difficult to communicate correctly and reliable.

– What does the claim stand for, and how is it ensured that this is fulfilled?

Plant Based Standard’s clearly defined requirements are developed to give the brand user credibility to the claim of animal-free, and as you can see, the logo is a politically neutral label designed to suit all types of businesses that manufactures or supplies an assortment of food products free of animal content.